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Bingo Hall Address
​​​​​​​160 St. Matthews Avenue, Spruce Grove


NEW!! You must be at least 18 years old to work. 

  • Each bingo worked earns $75 in credit for the following season. Credits are accrued between April 1st and March 31st of the following hockey season.
  • Once you commit to a shift it is your responsibility to ensure it is worked. Failure to do so will result in a charge of $300 to your account. It must be cleared before your player(s) will be permitted to participate in any/all SPMHA activities including evaluations, practices, games, etc. as per our Bingo Policy
  • If you require coverage for your shift, consult the Spare List. 
  • If you would like to be added to the Spare List, email
  • You may sign up for as many credits as you need to cover registration fees for the following year* for each player in your family. Once you have credit for the following season's registration fees, additional shifts can be worked if they fall within 2 weeks of the bingo date and are available.​​​​​​​

SPMHA can be fined and/or receive demerit penalties if we do not have experienced workers in certain positions.  Before signing up please ensure you read the description below. If you would like to work in a cage position or be trained in the cage, please email

CHAIRPERSON: Must be trained and have previous cage experience as a Special Games Controller and Paymaster.

SPECIAL GAMES CONTROLLER: Must be trained and have previous cage experience.

PAYMASTER: Previous cage experience is not necessary but you must have floor experience.

Pull Ticket (Balls) Sellers: Previous floor experience is an asset. 

$1 and $2 Card Sellers: No experience necessary. 


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