Tiered hockey (U7-U18)

SPMHA is a member of the Edmonton Federation Hockey League (EFHL). Teams within EFHL are tiered according to the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model. SPMHA athletes are evaluated and placed on teams with players of similar skill and ability.

Teams travel throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area to play approximately 18 games a season. Teams will also have weekly practices. There may be additional costs and fundraising obligations associated with Tiered hockey beyond the base registration fee. Further information for each division can be found by clicking the respective tab.


Introduction to hockey where the children will have only practices for the first part of the season and will be introduced to games later in the season at the discretion of the coach. 

  • Tiered evaluations will be held at the U7 level. The purpose of tiering is to have similarly skilled players on each team
  • Introduction to Small Area Games
  • This program focuses on the development of forwarding and backward skating, stopping, puck handling, and an introduction to the game of hockey.
  • Half-ice games are played (i.e. boards or barriers separate the ice surface into half and two games are played at the same time on each half-ice surface.
  • Practices will be held at Glenn Hall Arena or the Tri-Leisure Centre on Saturday and Sunday mornings, alternating 7:00 and 8:15 am practice times.
  • Games are non-competitive with no score kept.
  • No regular goalies – players rotate through all positions, including goaltender.
  • Emphasis on skating and learning basic hockey skills with an introduction to the team concept.


SPMHA is pleased to offer a U21 recreational hockey option for the 2022-23 season for those born in 2002, 2003 and 2004, however this program requires a minimum of 19 players to be viable.

This league provides participants with a less structured program with 1-2 initial meet and greet practice and 18 games during the season.

The focus is on participation, fun and meeting new people. It is a non-body checking alternative to the current mainstream hockey model.

For more information, visit the Hockey Edmonton Recreational Hockey page

How is Recreation Hockey different from mainstream hockey?

  • No Boundaries
  • No evaluations
  • No additional costs or team fees.
  • No standings.
  • No exhibition, tournament or playoff games.
  • Balanced non-tiered teams of 17 to 20 players are formed based on the number of registrants.
  • Games will be played with Referees, however no scores will be kept.


Competitive hockey



In response to parent and participant feedback, the SPMHA made the decision to apply for an exemption to the U11HADP program for the 2023/24 season. The exemption was granted.

SPMHA also recognizes that U11HADP is a critical development program that SPMHA registrants may want to participate in and as such has partnered with Spruce Grove Minor Hockey to ensure that U11 registrants from SPMHA will have the option to try out for the U11HADP team they are forming this season.


Below you will find the information provided by SGMHA associated with U11HADP participation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Orientation Camp (not mandatory)


U11HADP Tryouts Registration:

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Parkland Athletic Club (PAC) is proud to provide a competitive level of hockey for all players that reside in its draw zone. The draw zone is listed under Spruce Grove in the ADM Model and the AA Model within Hockey Alberta. Please periodically review the teams home page for any updated information

Please visit the PAC website for information on development camps and programs.

PAC Home Page

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Please periodically review the teams home page for any updated information.
Be sure to register for CLUB TRYOUTS as a non-resident

NCI Home Page



Please periodically review the teams home page for any updated information.
Be sure to register for CLUB TRYOUTS as a non-resident

Raiders Home Page

Female hockey

SPMHA endeavors to offer female hockey to our membership. The formation of an all female team will be dependent on the number of registrants in each division that declare they are interested in female hockey.
If the number of registrants is insufficient to form a female team, players will have the option to transfer to an outlying association to join their female program for the season.



Stony Plain Minor Hockey has adopted and is excited to be adhering to Hockey Alberta & Hockey Canada's Long Term Player Development. This was derived from the Canadian Sport For Life - Long Term Athlete Development model.

Long Term Player Development model (LTPD) is a framework to maximize a player’s potential and long term involvement in sport over the course of their life. This philosophy sets out a vision for hockey in Canada that takes advantage of the history and culture of the game to increase participation and to lay the foundation of success long into the future.


  1. Technical Development - Teaching physical literacy and sport specific skills at the correct time.
  2. Tactical Development - There are individual & team tactics, are you developing both? Do you know how to develop both?
  3. Physiological Development - Hereditary, chronological age & daily environment all play a factor. How does this affect development?
  4. Psychological Development - Mental, cognitive & emotional maturity. Do you fully understand the age level you are teaching?
Goalie Development

We encourage and welcome coaches to find goalie mentors from inside or outside our organization that can help their team. Please contact for further information. 

It is highly recommended that each team assigns a coach to work directly with your goalies to build their skills. Please refer to additional resources for drills and progressions based on divisions.


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